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Arakawa Custom Hats

Back in 1909 in the sleepy town of Waipahu Hawaii, my family owned and operated a general store called ARAKAWA'S. For decades the business prospered and became the favorite store for locals to buy anything and everything at. It was not just a store to them, but a part of their life that they still smile about with fond memories. They recall the branded rooster call in the radio commercials (hence the rooster in our company logo) and the palaka shirts the employees made and sold in the store.

They recall the Arakawa store like that of an old friend and not just another business - and that is exactly what the driving force is behind the Arakawa Cap Company. We don't want to just be another online hat company - we want to be the family business that builds the perfect cap for you, your business or team. A hat that you will wear to your son's first baseball game or during your favorite vacation. A cap that you remember wearing the first time you rode in a convertible or when you met your wife for husband the first time at the local market. The hat you see on your head when looking back through all your old photo albums, beautifully embroidered with your logo.

So go on, find that perfect hat on our website or let us find it for you. Either way, I am sure that it will become your favorite for years to come.