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Examples of Different Stitch Counts

What does 5000 stitches look like? What does 10,000 stitches look like? Our customers often ask what various stitch counts look like. To illustrate the differences we have photograhed different stitch counts below for your reference. Density of the design, size of overall embroidery, outlining and complexity of the design contribute to the number of stitches required for an embroidered logo on a custom hat.

3000 Stitches
3000 stitches
3500 Stitches
3500 stitches
5000 Stitches
5000 stitches
5500 Stitches
5500 stitches
6000 Stitches
6000 stitches
6500 Stitches
6500 stitches
7000 Stitches
7000 stitches
8000 Stitches
8000 stitches
10,000 Stitches
10000 stitches
11,000 Stitches
11000 stitches
12,000 Stitches
12000 stitches
13,000 Stitches
13000 stitches
14,000 Stitches
14000 stitches
15,000 Stitches
15000 stitches
16,000 Stitches
16000 stitches